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"Mark/Bloodline mode" was a simple sprite-edit I made for Hotline Miami 1. The mod was released on reddit on October 9th 2015.

The mod has been renamed simply to Mark Mod in order to avoid any possible confusion with my other mod Bloodlife.

Here you can find the reddit thread I made about it, in all its broken English glory.


This mod is very simple, it only does the following:

  • It changes the sprites for the MP5's walking and attack to be a dual MP5
  • It changes the Rick's sprites to Mark
  • When selecting Mark, you are given the MP5 with double the ammo.
  • Because the mask is based upon Rick, he still has his ability of killing enemies in one hit, meaning the dual MP5 feels good to use for Hotline 1's standards.

While the mod is extremely simple, it can make for some nice screenshots, sadly the mask doesn't allow you to change the position of your arms.

I included this project on my page entirely for archival reasons.

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