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During the mid 2000's, a criminal organization employed two hitmen named Erick and Ben with the purpose of eliminating anyone who might pose a threat to them.

Featuring 15 chapters and two playable characters with their own playstyles, Bloodlife is a total conversion of Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami (2012) running on GameMaker: Studio 1.4 that includes new weapons, faster combat than the one seen in the original game, a new soundtrack and huge, highly detailed maps that feature outdoor environments, alternative paths and secrets.

Bloodlife is meant to explore the things I personally like and dislike about videogames as an entertainment and an art form. It tries to recapture the aesthetic and feel of videogames from the early to mid 2000's by taking heavy inspiration from Half-Life 2, San Andreas, Resident Evil 4 and other games from that era.


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I'm incredibly hyped for this mod :) Hope it will be released eventually. Cheers!

good mod