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"Cocaine Cowboys Mod" was my recreation of the Hotline Miami 1 beta from early 2012. The mod was released on reddit on September 24th, 2015. An update that featured some improvements was released on December 2nd 2015, the same month Bloodlife unofficially began development.

Cocaine Cowboys had the honor of being:

  • The first Hotline Miami mod I made.
  • The first Hotline Miami mod I finished
  • The subject of my first reddit thread.

Here you can find the reddit threads I made about it, in all their broken English glory.

Cocaine Cowboys Mod

Update of my Cocaine Cowboy mod

This mod was made obsolete by the release of the actual Hotline Miami 1 beta a few years later, but its production helped me get a beginner-level understanding of game development.

I included this project on my page entirely for archival reasons.

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