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You're welcome

Music works, first level crash when leaving, other levels work.



Is the project alive? Or not?

Project is most likely dead in the water sadly.

the music doesnt play on my pc while i redownloaded it over and over again

btw awesome and really kicka$$

Is this mod dead? i haven't seen any updates in a while.

Cool mod

i need more violence please continue with the game :D

Try Make Me Real on here. Also good fun

The game is great but it crashes everytime :

- i finish a level (you take the care and there's a fatal error)

- i try to change the controls.

Played the first level and .... crash. Its also a bit dark but idc. I would love to play it

Deleted 4 years ago

awesome thanks for that. I definitely start again now

Awesome! would donate if i could :)

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Great Game, but sometimes crashes after finishing a level.