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Tokyo 2041 is a standalone mod of Hotline Miami that takes place in a near-future Japan where the Yakuza has either bribed their way into or taken total control over certain aspects of the Japanese government.



In this "demo" there's 4 levels to play and 3 play styles.


Title screen: Femme Fatale by Perturbator

First level: Komodo by .Mosh

Post level: Bushes by Dark Naturex

Score Screen: Paradise by ALEX, Absoloute Valentine remix

Second level: Praxis by Makeup and Vanity set, Magic Sword remix

Third level: Enter the Yakuza Club by Hollywood Burns

Fourth level: Neo Tokyo by Perturbator


Programming: Pi0h & Altro50

Level Design: Pi0h, Cam, A1337spy & Fencing Man

Graphics: Dr. Wizard, Fencing Man, Cam, Shosray, A1337spy & Juanchoclo.

Aditional Graphics: BattleBee & The_Classicald.

Script (currently not implemented): Cam

Banner & Cover Image: Asire

More information

Published70 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorsPi0h1, Altro50
TagsArcade, Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Gore, hotline-miami, mod, pixelart, tokyo, Top down shooter, violence
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

First release of the game, made in two weeks. Please do not report Game Maker crashes, we are aware of most of them.

If the music doesn't play try redownloading the game.


[Installer] Tokyo 2041 - BETA DEMO (238 MB)

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