A downloadable mod for Windows

Hotline Miami: Redux is a Hotline Miami modification created with the intention of bringing the 2012 title up to the quality standards set by its sequel: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Featuring a huge graphical overhaul, redesigned levels, tweaked gameplay, new weapons, bonus content and a Hard Mode, Hotline Miami: Redux intends to give players a new way of experiencing Hotline Miami that remains respectful to Dennaton's vision of the game.

This modification is in no way intended to replace the original game, but rather, it is intended to pay tribute to it. It was made as a love letter to the Hotline Miami games and requires the user to have an installation of the latest version of Hotline Miami.

This mod is under active development and new updates will be released in the future! please report bugs and glitches to the email address: ReduxBugReports@gmail.com

ONLY report bugs if:

-It doesn't happen randomly
-It can be reproduced at will
-You have screenshots or video footage that shows the issue alongside a detailed explanation as to what the issues is and how it happens

A russian translation is available but unfortunately we lacked the time to design and program an interface to switch languages, so you can switch to Russian by pressing [P] on the keyboard and back to English by pressing [O]


There are currently some memory leakage issues, if the game takes too long to restart after dying, restart the whole game.


  • Pi0h1 (Programming, level design)
  • Altro50 (Programming)
  • Shosray(In-game art)
  • THELEGOMack (In-game art, level design)
  • Dr. Wizard/Carl (In-game art, level design)
  • Phil (In-game art)
  • Aronanners (In-game art)
  • Fencing Man (In-game art, level design)
  • Cam (Level design)
  • A1337Spy/Ted (Sound design)
  • Basklin (Promotional art)
  • Asire (In-game and promotional art)
  • ChargerHM (Russian translation)

A very special thank you to Dennaton Games, for being a constant and permanent inspiration to the entire team, Devolver Digital, for not suing our asses (yet), any and everyone who contributes to our small but strong community, and of course, you, for playing!.

Install instructions

Install this on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common or wherever you have your copy of Hotline Miami 1 installed!


Hotline Miami Redux.exe 45 MB